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 “A thought provoking, quick read that is sure to stimulate your mind.”

 -Robert Loehr

V P of Business Development National Companies


 “True Riches, opened my eyes to Jesus’ teaching. God’s challenge is to have and use wealth in order to become truly rich.”

 -Bob Schneider – Missionary to Puerto Rico


“You will never be the same…” Customer


“ A must read for all those from 16 to 99…”

 -Doug Spencer, CPA, CFA




“ I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become financially independent!”

 -Mike Atkinson

Platinum Presidential Director - Team National



 “The reader does not want to miss this treasure!”

 -Dr. James P. Stobaugh, President

For Such a Time as This Ministries


“True Riches, addresses many important topics which dovetail nicely with our mission, such as his teachings on debt, inheritance and self-employment.”

 -Robert Baldwin, President

Christian Care Ministry


5 Stars from Amazon Customers!!

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