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“Ray Traylor’s book, True Riches, is an insightful collection of down to earth Biblical laws of wealth and financial success. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become financially independent! "
-Mike Atkinson, Platinum Presidential Director - Team National


"True Riches is not only a book, it is a Biblical masterpiece! After reading it, my heart and mind was entirely illuminated because of the clear exposition of Luke 16, from which the book holds its title. Bro. Ray Traylor so beautifully portrays the real essence of God's value system (people). He captures the reader by stirring up the motivation within to "shift" his or her financial priorities to impact the Kingdom of God by using wealth to reach people, an eternal investment that will never depreciate. This book is a MUST. I assure you, it will encourage you to view wealth from the biblical perspective that God the Father intends. You will never be the same!" 
- A Customer


"A must read for all those from 16 to 99 , Ray has done a great job of putting God's word and principles in a readable and practical book that all can implement in their life."
- Doug Spencer, Independent Team, CPA, CFA


"I had been looking for an authoritative answer to the question; what are "True Riches"? Ray Traylor's book gave me the Biblically based foundation I was looking for. All of Ray's statements are supported by scripture from God's Word. Wealth comes from God and should be used to further His purposes. We are all given unique talents that God can use to bless us financially, so we can bless others. Ray points the way to developing a family based business that can be used to fulfill God's purposes. The "secret" to true riches is in God's Holy Word" 
- Charles G.


"I wanted to express my appreciation for getting a chance to read True Riches.  I really enjoyed the real life practices expressed with Biblical principles.  True Riches is a thought provoking, quick read that is sure to stimulate your mind."
-Robert Loehr, V P of Business Development National Companies


"As the leader of a national healthcare sharing organization, personal responsibility and stewardship of God’s resources are at the core of what we teach and believe. Ray’s book, True Riches, addresses many important topics which dovetail nicely with our mission, such as his teachings on debt, inheritance and self-employment. The selected Biblical passages provide strong support for these simple, timeless truths that we believers all need to embrace."
-Robert Baldwin, President, Christian Care Ministry


"As a missionary, I’ve always had it stuck in my mind that wealth is wrong. I.e. Why should I have money when there is so much need in the world? This book, True Riches, opened my eyes to Jesus’ teaching. God’s challenge is to have and use wealth in order to become truly rich. Ray gives clear principles for building true wealth as well as principles for success in life and ministry. It’s time for me to read this book again."
-Bob Schneider, Missionary to Puerto Rico


"Normally when I hear the expression "fiscal responsibility" I think "money lenders" or some other pejorative word. But Mr. Traylor turns my head, so to speak. He has written an iconoclastic book that defies hyperbole. In short, there is no exaggeration in this book. It is full of solid advice than transcends money or budgets. It is practical, lifechanging advice sweetened by Mr. Traylor's abiility to take the mundane and to make it holy. He invites his reader to embrace a world view that glorifies his God and brings pneumatic and mental edification to its participant. The reader does not want to miss this treasure!"
-Dr. James Stobaugh, President of For Such a Time as This Ministries


"Ray Traylor has done a great job in this book discussing the importance of growing in our relationship with Christ. He helps the reader understand clearly from the Scriptures how our view of finances will impact our ability to grow. Ray also offers a practical guide for using God's money to accomplish His purposes. Thanks, Ray."
- A Customer 


"This book is a must for all Christians to read. True Riches is a Biblical guide to not only building wealth and maintaining it, but a guide that also scripturally shows how God uses the wealth he gives us (no matter how great or small the amount). This book thoroughly explains how all money is God's, not just the 10% tithe, and how he can use the money He gives us to not only bless our personal lives for our obediance in stewardship, but more importantly how he uses His money through us to futher His ministry here on earth. Mr. Traylor's details and descriptions (based on scripture) leaves no doubt that all money is God's and He truly wants us to submit our finances to Him, along with all of our being. The messages of obediance, good stewardship, and God's rewards rings loudly among the pages. Following God's plan for our finances is definitely the path to "True Riches" in Christ Jesus our Lord. This is a must have for any Christian!!"
- Jason G.   


"As righteousness exalts a nation, so to it lifts the head of individual in prosperity. Real riches are the lives of people, whose hearts trust in a faithful God who provides all things. From Him come all things and to Him belong all things. We are just the stewards of Gods wealth. God desires that hearts of men to be transformed in the sanctification process of which is effected by how we use the wealth He gives us. Faithful in a little thing and God we utilize you to do greater. Rays personal life exemplifies some the spiritual finical principles he lays out in this book... it was a good reminder to seek first the Kingdom of God, in order that He can trust and bless us in other ways to further His kingdom. Finances are just another gift God gives us and intends for us to utilize in such a way that shares His love to the world and changes our hearts in the process!! This book laid a good foundation on Gods principles for finances." 
- A Customer


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